Alps Mountaineering King Kong ($80)


20 x 38 x 38 in.

Seat height:

18 in.


13 lbs.

What we like:

A supremely comfortable and spacious chair.

What we don’t:

Heavy and overkill for some campers.

Different people look for different features in a camping chair, for instance, if comfort and dependability are your top priorities, then the appropriately called King Kong should be on your list of options. Overall, it’s one of the biggest and thickest-padded chairs available, with a 24.5-inch seat, a tall back, and a hefty 600-denier seat material. The stated 800-pound limit seems more like an excuse to show off rather than a goal number that Alps determined to achieve however, it still beats the other chairs (for an example to this REI Camp X above is certified to be 300 pounds.). It’s priced at about $100-$80 (colorways differ according to Amazon) and usually lower when it’s on sale the King Kong hits a really good balance between convenience and value.

Remember this: the Alps Mountaineering King Kong isn’t intended for those who are minimalists. It’s among the largest chairs we’ve reviewed at more than 13 pounds (a significant 6 pounds. over the Camp X), takes up a substantial area in the rear of your vehicle and truck beds, but not everyone requires such a large chair (one among our 5-foot 10″ test subjects noticed that while sitting down his feet were barely even touching the floor). It’s not that we don’t think so: It’s a very comfortable and spacious chair with its charms however you can cut weight and cost with this model Camp X above or options such as those offered by the Kijaro Dual Lock as well as the Coleman Quad below.


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