23ZERO Walkabout 56 ($1,899)

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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37.3 sq. ft.

49 in.

2+, 3+, 4+, 5+

Reasonably priced and 4-season-ready.

Not everyone will love the utilitarian looks.

While stylish rooftop tents like iKamper, Roofnest, and Thule Tepui appeal to casual campers, brands such 23ZERO as well as Smittybilt above are well-liked by those who are more adventurous and value quality and function over looks and convenience. The Walkabout is 23ZERO’s most popular model and is available in four sizes, from the two-bed model (the 56 shown here) to a massive 87-inch wide model for larger parties. All models come with comfy mattresses, light suppression technology that blocks sunlight (this degree of protection is normally only available in hardshells) and doors that are weighted to prevent the chance of wind blowing around in your tent. In all this, it’s a great choice. Walkabout 56 is a reliable and weather-proof rooftop tent that’s designed to withstand just about whatever your (or Mother Nature) throw at it.

Compared to the more budget-friendly Smittybilt Overlander above, the Walkabout provides a significant increase in the performance and quality (both its mattress as well as the canvas tent walls are significantly more durable) It blocks out sunlight better, and provides an incredibly bomb-proof feel during adverse conditions. The Overlander better ranked due to its less expensive price and its comparable performance. However, many people–especially campers who use it all year round will appreciate the Walkabout’s better protection and sturdy design worth the additional price. Remember that 23ZERO will charge an additional fee to ship ($325 for the model with a 56-inch diameter) however, the Walkabout is still a great bargain for what you pay fo